piątek, 2 października 2015

Could Building Muscle For Skinny Guys Be Impossible?

I have seen skinny guys come into my local gym, work so hard for the best part of 2 hours, repeat this for over 3 months and still see no significant changes in their physique. This begs the question; "Is building muscle for skinny guys impossible?". It's a good question to ask because however many weight training programs they try, they just can't seem to put on muscle.Skinny guys tend to be at a big genetic disadvantage. Their bodies don't respond to conventional training and therefore, the average skinny guy finds it impossible to put on any muscle. The main reason is that he chooses to consult magazines, body building websites and some fraudulent DVDs for advice. As I previously mentioned, their bodies do not respond to conventional training methods. This means any amount of money spent on body-building supplements, DVDs and magazines is wasted.The known term for skinny guys who struggle to gain muscle is 'hard-gainers'. Hard-gainers suffer from a genetic disadvantage that makes conventional training ineffective. However, different training methods will work very well and make incredible changes to their physique.So then, building muscle for skinny guys is definitely possible! If you are too skinny, there are three areas to focus on in order to relinquish that title.1. Diet - This is double, triple, quadruple important. high quality calories must be consumed and a calorific excess must be created in order for mass gain to occur2. Intensity - Skinny guys need to use High Intensity Training methods in order to make massive changes to their physiques, This revolutionary training method ensures that they stay in the anabolic phase during a workout.3. Lifestyle - Being skinny can be down to a number of factors. Some of it can be diet, some of it genetics and some of it lifestyle. Marathon runners are skinny because of a lifestyle choice. Running burns calories and makes it difficult to gain weight. Either way, a lifestyle change can dramatically change your appearance. The most effective being ofcourse, using the correct weight training program. A hard gainer must make sure that in between their gym days, they are not engaging in excessive cardio. If they do, they must only partake in...4. Intense Cardio - Sprinting and rope climbing are two fine examples of intense cardiovascular exercise. To support this rationale, search for 'olympic sprinter' in google images and see what I mean. Sprinters are muscular, agile and very physically fit. This is a great physique to aim for and intense cardio really aids towards attaining this physique.

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